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You've reached Gracie. I'm either blogging, doing homework or working and I can't get back to you. Try a text message. I can multi-task.

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[The video comes up on Gracie laying across her bed. There's a stack of books next to the low platform bed and a couple open on the bed. She looks happier then she did in her last vlog. She also looks a bit more rested and less frazzled. She waves at the camera. ]

Hi. Hello. So, I don't have a lot to say but I haven't talked to you guys in a while and it's definitely update time. Life is still crazy. I'm still getting up at ungodly hours to play coffee girl to the radio guys, which is totally okay. Everyone starts at the bottom. I'm still going to school, but I think I've found a groove and I'm not so worried about flunking out right now. Fingers crossed [ She holds up her fingers and crosses them ] that remains true. Aslan is sulking because I don't have nearly enough time to cater to his attention needs lately. He wakes me up in the middle of the night by sitting on my face and yowling in my ear.

[ She picks up a book and shows the cover to the screen. ] The current fictional boy is Gansey, who I'm pretty sure I've talked to you guys about before. Gansey is tortured and pretty and wants so much. He's also terrified that everyone he loves is going to leave him, but oddly has very little self preservation instincts. Or maybe...maybe kissing the girl is worth it.

[ She takes a deep breath, a half smile ghosting over her lips. ]

The non-fictional boy is making a come back. I wasn't sure if he would or not, so thumbs up on that. [ She gives the screen a thumbs up. ] I haven't actually gotten to see him in over a month now and it's kind of driving me crazy. I think it's driving him just as crazy, which is better than if he were okay with not seeing me lately. I hope things are going to work out. I still really want them to work out. [ She bites her bottom lip.] I want my own love story, you know? I want the boy that thinks kissing me is worth it. [ She rolls her eyes at herself and flicks her hair out of her face. ] Whatever 'it' is and I think current Non-Fictional boy could be that boy. He's just got to want to be. Maybe now, he does. Maybe he always did and he just didn't know how to deal with that. I don't know. In any case, life is better than it was. I'm not writing off the idea of a real love story.

How are you guys doing? Leave me things in the comments. Love you all. [ She waves to the camera then turns it off ]
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Skype for [personal profile] movingthechains

Gracie was as nervous to skype with Peter as she had been the first time she'd talked to him, but this time she didn't have time to fret about it. In fact, she was running late. She'd texted Peter on her way from the store that she was running about ten minutes late. They had a new girl and a return to work out before she could leave. At 8:08, she was running into the house, tossing her bags at the couch and firing up her computer. She answered the skype ping while still running around.

"I'm here!" she yelled at the laptop. "Getting tea and changing!"

A few moments later, she plunks a tea pot down on the coffee table, sloshing tepid tea out onto the table then a cup. She finally collapses on the couch in front of the laptop in a pile. She's got a pair of fleece lined tights on, an overly large sweater, and a pair of house shoes. Her hair is pulled up in a mess, a pencil skewered through it.

"Today was crazy. I played hookey from as many things as I could yesterday so I spent all day making up for it." She waggles her fingertips at him. "Hi."
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Vlog takes place immediately after this

[ Gracie is holding this book up to the camera. She peeks around it after a moment. ]

Today we’re going to talk about fictional boys because they’re nicer than real boys. My current obsession comes from The Scorpio Races and his name is Sean Kendrick. Now see, the thing about Sean Kendrick, because being incredibly hot and a horse whisperer, is that Sean Kendrick doesn’t talk a lot. Now this might be seen as a downfall because you all know how much I like to talk. You know how much I love words. However, Sean’s saving grace is that when it’s really important and really necessary, Sean says the right words.

[ She puts the book aside and while she’s used Visine to make sure her eyes aren’t red, they are shadowed and tired. She hasn’t bothered with makeup and she looks incredibly pale. ]

Yes, Sean is utterly and entirely in love with Puck and he’s even a little afraid to admit that because he doesn’t know what it means to be in love with Puck, but eventually he realizes that he needs Puck like he needs air and horses. In fact, he realizes that he needs Puck more than he needs either of those things. He doesn’t really say much to her about it, but it’s in every action and breath that he takes.

[ She looks down at her hands. ] You see, Sean is sort of a celebrity on his island and Puck is just the latest in a long line of silly girls in love with Sean. She has to deal with knowing that there are so many more girls on the island that are prettier and curvier and less worried about how they’re going to survive.

[ She looks up at the camera. ]

I know it’s because it’s a book, but real boys…they don’t get it. They don’t understand that girls’ hearts are fragile things and they can’t be bought or paid for, but they can be charmed and healed and whole with just a few words. It doesn’t even have to be the right words. They just have to have the right intent. And other girls are so…I know it’s supposed to be cool and hip and PC to say a girl has every right to a wham bam thank you ma’am one night stand, just like a guy does, but I think…I think that no one should have that right. We should just take that right away from everyone because people get hurt. If they were physically hurting someone, we’d do something about it, right? But when someone’s heart gets broken, sometimes it’s worse than anything physical that could happen. Sometimes, it does become physical.

And whatever happened to having some respect for relationships? What happened to ‘hey, do you have a girlfriend?’ or…giving the papers the benefit of the doubt and assuming they’re telling the truth? And I know I’m misplacing blame. I know that the blame ought to be placed on the very real boy that broke my heart and I do blame him, but I love him so I want to blame everyone and everything else.

[ She exhaled then took a deep breath. ]

Fictional boys never break your heart, but they also always love someone who isn’t you. At the same time, they never mind when you tag alone.

Tonight, I prefer fictional boys to real boys so I’m gonna go to bed with Sean Kendrick and maybe tomorrow I’ll be ready to deal with a real boy who might break my heart again.

[ She clicks off the feed without any sort of sign off ]
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After spending a horrendous morning interning, Gracie opts to skip class. She couldn't focus anyway and she could use the time off after everything the last through hours has put her through. She knows she ought to sleep, or do homework or use her stolen time off for something productive. She's talked to Gem briefly, but Gem has only heard Gracie talk about Peter. She hasn't had the chance to meet him yet. While Gracie appreciates the unwavering 'on her side' support that Gem showed her, she needed to talk to someone that knew Peter. His brother was too close, and Gracie would expect him to be on Peter's side (not that there were sides here). Gracie wanted someone more neutral than that. Someone named Sam, so after making tea and putting Doctor Who on in the background, Gracie picked up the phone and dialed Sam's number, hoping that she wasn't interrupting during something important.
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[Gracie is wrapped up in a blanket and curled up on her couch. There’s a box of Kleenex on the couch next to her along with a pot of tea just barely visible on the end table to her right. Aslan is curled up on the back of the couch entirely unimpressed with the fact that he’s being filmed at the moment. It’s late and Gracie looks exhausted. She wiggles her fingers at the camera in a sort of wave. Her nose is red and when she speaks, she sounds stuffed up. ]

Hey guys. So today was the longest day ever. I woke up with a cold and with the holiday rush, I couldn’t leave Gem in a clutch so I was at work anyway. Don’t worry, I’m currently bathing in Germex every fifteen minutes so if you came into Barnes and Noble and bought a book from me, I promise I germex-ed before I touched your book and afterwards. I don’t want anyone else sick.

The good news is I am officially finished with this semester of college. I turned in my last project this morning.

Some of you know I spent the weekend with Peter. I got to watch him work and that was super cool. However, not everyone on the internet thought it was cool. [ She wrinkles her nose. ] People are mean and I expected the mean-ness. I really did, but I guess it still came as a shock?

[ She shrugs a little and shoves her hair off her face, leaving over to grab a hair tie and pull it up before she continues. ]

Just because someone is famous doesn’t give anyone the right to weigh in on their relationship or the people they care about.

[ Gracie blows out a dramatic sigh. ]

And yes, I’m trying to be diplomatic and calm and detached about this and no, I’m not as diplomatic, calm and detached about as I want to be. It’s just…

[ She hesitates, grabs a handful of Kleenex’s in order to catch an anticipated sneeze which she then balls up and tosses in a waste basket. She does the Germex thing before returning to the camera. Mostly she’s trying to keep her train of thought on track while stalling for time. She doesn’t have to talk about this on her vlog. She knows that, but there’s little doubt someone that watches her vlog has also seen the pictures that showed up on the internet along with the nasty comments. She might as well address it. ]

Yes. My boyfriend plays football for the Dallas Cowboys. The big secret is out, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be hateful. Maybe his tastes have changed. Maybe he’s turning over a new leaf. People do that, you know.

[ She’s beginning to get on a rant and it’s obvious from the renewed energy in her body language and her voice. ]
And since when is my bra size an important factor in our relationship? And just because I was too nervous to eat while watching the game doesn’t mean I don’t ever eat. I’m skinny. It’s a body type. Mom swears it has something to do with being twenty-two—three now. Oh yeah, I’m twenty-three.

Last time I checked appearances, appetite and social graces--I might have yelled during the game…a few times—weren’t the important things in a relationship. Last time I checked a person’s heart mattered a lot more. A person’s values and opinions, their hopes for the future, their compatibility, their sense of humor, the—the way two people fit together, their effect on each other.

Note that my hair and whether it’s natural or not—it is, by the way—wasn’t in that list. Nor were my [ air quote time ] squinty eyes.

[ She sighs and buries her face in her hands for a moment. ]

I’m sorry. I probably shouldn’t vlog doped up on Sudafed. I definitely shouldn’t talk about relationships or mean people on the internet.

Mean people, colds and impending Germex overdose aside, things with Peter and I are amazing. [ Despite being sick, she’s got a goofy sort of smile on her face.]

On that note, I’m going to take some Nyquil and go to bed. I love you guys and be nice to each other. Be kind.
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The open bar and the bevy of snack foods were wasted on Gracie. While normally, she would be trolling through the foods, sampling at will, she was far too nervous to eat. She couldn’t even stand still. She routinely paced in front of the glass, twisting at her fingers and squeezing her hands, but the moment the players came on the field she was glued to the spot in front of her seat. She stood on her tiptoes at the glass with one hand pressed to the cold surface, the knuckles of her other hand pressed against her lips to keep her exclamations and squeals to a minimum. However, when they announced Peter’s name, she couldn’t help it.

“That’s my boyfriend!” The words burst out from between her lips at a volume a bit too loud and a pitch a bit too high. It was clear from some of the looks cast her way that no one believed her despite the fact that she was wearing a number thirteen jersey signed by Peter. Their disapproval didn’t bother Gracie. She resumed her position against the window. She reacted, flinching and letting an ‘ow’ escape when he was hit then she’d lean back up against the window whispering ‘get up, baby’ until he was on his feet.

She had no idea who was making touchdowns or what the score was because she didn’t understand the game and she was really only there to watch one player: her player.

During the course of the game, she was told multiple times that she could sit down if she liked. She waved the people off, insisting she was fine, fixated on the tiny people below. Occasionally she’d glance at the big screen, confirming what she saw below, but Gracie’s eyes were locked on Peter. She relaxed marginally when he was off the field, but only marginally.

It was a sort of magic seeing Peter on that football field. It made her ache with the knowledge that most people would never love anything as much as Peter loved playing football; most people would never be as good at anything as he was at football or try as hard. At one point, watching him brought tears to her eyes and it wasn’t because they were losing. Gracie could care less who won the game except in regards to how it affected Peter.

She only realized half way back to the hotel that he might be upset about the loss. For Gracie’s part she had been enthralled. She had thought he was amazing.
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RP for [personal profile] movingthechains

Gracie had left the stadium anything but disappointed. She'd been gleeful, giddy and grateful that she'd gotten to watch Peter play. However, she's aware that the Cowboys lost and she's aware that Peter might not be any of those g words that she so happily embodied. It also happened ot be freezing in Boston so she'd gone directly back to the hotel room, turned the heater up, put on her pajamas and gotten underneath the blankets in an attempt to warm the bed up. She calls room service, orders a whole pot of hot chocolate and two different kinds of cake along with a couple of bottles of the beer that Peter likes.

She's just going to wait for him under the blankets with the hot chocolate, dessert and ridiculous Christmas movies on the TV, hoping that he won't be too upset about the game.
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RP for [personal profile] movingthechains
Forward dated to December 7th

Gracie had taken her birthday off and since her boss was also her best friend, there had been no argument from Gemma. Her best friend had only extracted a rain check for a birthday 'girls only' night in return. Originally, Gracie had planned on going up to Peter's the morning of her birthday, but once she'd gotten off work, she'd been far too wound up to sleep. A few texts later, she'd gotten the go-ahead from him to show up a few hours early. She threw some things in a bag, grabbed the cat and gotten to Dallas far too late to be sensible. Neither she or Peter had actually cared much about 'sensible'.

To be honest, she didn't even remember falling asleep the night before. She remembers a lot of joking, teasing, talking, kissing then the warmth of the sun across her skin. Generally, Gracie is a morning person, but this morning she is far too warm, too comfortable and too blissfully happy to move. She snuggles deeper into the warm body beside her and yawns into Peter's shoulder.

"Is not getting up a thing?" she murmurs against his skin.
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December 4th 2013

[ Gracie is sitting cross-legged on a pale green brocade couch that has seen better days. She is surrounded by vases of blue roses and she's wearing an old Dallas Cowboys tee-shirt. She pushes a hand back through her hair, grinning from ear to ear. ]

Somebody sent me flowers. Somebody sent me flowers. [ She sing-songs the words. ] And also a tee shirt and money for books and look! [ she leans over, reaching slightly out of frame to pull a photo in an antique looking frame. It's a photo of Gracie and Peter together. She leans back, putting the photo on a stack of books serving as a side table. ]

So basically, my day was awesome. Sadly, it's in danger of becoming less awesome. I have two papers to write by Friday. One is the over the most impactful moment in communcations history. I've chosen the ship to shore distress call the Titanic made. I feel that in order to properly research this, I'm going to have to re-watch the movie Titanic. Excellent life decisions by Gracie.

[ She reaches over and grabs a box full of tissue and a pint of Ben & Jerry's, holds both up then sets them on the couch next to her. ]

The other one is about my opinion in regards to the future of broadcast communications. You guys are playing a part in that even if you don't realize it. The good news is, next week is left easy peasy school wise and insane-o work wise. Oh the joys of working retail. Christmas is always the time of year I decide I'm masochistic and swear I won't do it again next year. Scary thought? Next year, I probably won't because there's graduating to be done in May. I'm already signed up for my last semester of classes and it's sixteen credit hours, which is probably going to mean cutting back on work hours and beefing up on class hours. I think I'm going to intern at a radio station here in Austin if it works out.

Okay, one more look at all my flowers. [ She picks up the laptop and takes it in a slow circle around the living room then leans back into frame to whisper ] Come on, there's more in here.

[ 'In here' turns out to be her bedroom. There are vases of blue roses everywhere, 13 if anyone cares to count them. ]

Now, we're going to wrap up with a dance party because I happen to know someone likes those.

[ Tubthumping fades in and the video closes out to Gracie jumping around to the music. ]
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[ Pictures of Gracie's house here]

The morning had started out early for Gracie and been fueled by caffeine from Starbucks and donuts from Krispy Kreme. She'd left her mother's house and driven home (too fast) which had resulted in a speeding ticket and hadn't done much to slow her down. Once there, she'd gone into hyper drive. She'd done most of the cleaning and sheet changing before she'd left for Thanksgiving, but she still had to go to the grocery store, bake cupcakes and straighten all the books that she hadn't had time to mess with before she'd left. She also took fresh blankets out to the porch and made sure the cushions were febrezed and mostly dust-free. She watered plants, changed cat litter and finally took a shower. Minutes before Peter showed up, she'd lit candles inside the house, put the cupcakes on a plate and ordered pizza.

She was nervous, and it was a whole different sort of nerves than she'd had going to visit him. This was her house, but more than that this was Gracie. It reflected parts of her that they'd only discussed and him accepting her quirky little house was part of him accepting her. She heard his car drive up and bounced on her toes, trying to decide if she let him knock or not. In the end, she didn't have the patience. She darted out of the house in her rainbow toe socks wearing a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved, striped, tee shirt with an old man cardigan over it. She'd taken the time to straighten her hair and she'd put on makeup. Her smile was wide as she waved to Peter just before she hugged him tightly, burying her face against his shoulder.

"Hi," she whispered.
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vlog dated November 21, 2013

[Gracie comes on screen with a giant smile. She’s filming from her phone. Unlike a lot of her videos, her hair is straightened. ]

Gem and I are here at the midnight premiere of Catching Fire. [ A brunette jumps in to flash a thumbs up and says Team Peeta ] We’re way super excited. Obligatory book nerd comment, yes they are a series of books. Yes, you can find out what happens at the end of Catching Fire. Read a book!

This message brought to you by the girl who nearly beat someone to death today at work when they said ‘Oh? You’ve got a book based on the movie?’

[ Gemma leans into the screen again. ] It’s true. I had to hold her back.

[ Gracie nods seriously. ] Only you can prevent homicide. Read a book.

[ Gemma shrugs a little and nods as well. ] It’s going to be our holiday tag line at work.

So back to the subject at hand: Catching Fire. Let’s be honest here, Gem and I could care less about Katniss. Yay, she can shoot things with a bow. Valid life skill if you’re a member of the Avengers. However, the real draw here is Peeta. We like the boy with the bread.

That’s right [ Gemma leans in to contribute again. ] Team Boy with the Bread

Peeta is definitely on our top five fictional boys we love. He might even be number two right behind Harry Potter. [ Gemma seems to consider this then nods in agreement.

Gracie’s voice drops a little and she scrunches down in the theatre seat. ]

Next time I vlog, I’ll be in San Antonio, trying to endure Thanksgiving and stuff as much pie in my mouth as possible. You all have an amazing Thanksgiving. I love you.

[Gemma leans in.] Go Team Boy with the Bread.

Gracie giggled and turned the camera off. ]
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[community profile] musewrite Prompt 47

Inspired by this photo

“Gracie, honey…” Elizabeth sighed as she walked into the living room, sweeping the blanket off the huddle of dining room chairs Gracie had gathered. “I told you no.”

The seven year old looked crestfallen, her unruly hair hiding her face as she stared at her feet. “You said no pillow forts,” she mumbled.

“What I meant is I don’t need another mess to clean up,” Elizabeth snapped. “Now go to your and play. Do not take your duvet off the bed and clean up after yourself!” she yelled at the child’s retreating back.

Gracie flew up the steps, flung herself on the bed and clutched her stuffed unicorn close.

As she got older, Gracie would be able to pinpoint the exact moment that her mother chastised her for dreaming and playing rather than joining in. Nothing in her life was ever the same after her brother died.

She didn’t stop playing or dreaming, but it became a way to escape, a way to survive. Blanket forts became safe havens where all the sadness that permeated her home couldn’t go. Books became doors she could step through to avoid listening to her mother cry. Pretend was a moment in time when she didn’t have to be Gracie Cannell, the little girl whose brother died, whose parents divorced.

Wishes made on fallen stars, eyelashes and skeletal dandelions were always for things she’d lost: her family, her brother. As she got older, they became more whimsical, more focused on the boy that sat across from her in math or the thing she wanted most for her birthday.

Ever so slowly, dreaming, pretending and playing became a part of Gracie rather than a means for escape or survival. Wishes were still a symbol of hope; blanket forts still a safe haven, but books became breath and life and need rather than an attempt to be someone she wasn’t’. Pretending, playing, dreaming, wishing and hoping had turned Gracie into someone she liked and there were very few people in the world she wanted to be more than she wanted to be herself.

Of course, it was always fun to pretend she was Gracie, the super hero. You could take the girl out of the blanket fort but you could never, ever take the dreamer out of the girl.